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Miami Design District
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Alexandra Gestin

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Alexandra  Gestin

Alexandra Gestin is a French sculptor. A trip to Tokyo made her discover the famous sumo fights. Already sensitive to the curves of children’s bodies, the young artist is dazzled by the exuberant silhouettes of Japanese wrestlers. Since then, those half-gods will never leave her artistic world. Her sculptures are part of numerous private collections all over Europe, USA, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Japan…

Featured Piece

Alexandra  Gestin kashi koshi

Kashi Koshi


Alexandra  Gestin kashi koshi
Kashi Koshi
Alexandra  Gestin L_Observation
Alexandra  Gestin La Lutte M
La Lutte M
Alexandra  Gestin Little Face_ Black
Little Face, Black
Alexandra  Gestin Little Face Black
Little Face, Black
Alexandra  Gestin Little Face  Red
Little Face, Red



Alexandra  Gestin

Alexandra Gestin

Alexandra Gestin Biography

Alexandra Gestin was born in a small town in Guerande.
This young woman was soon washed away to other places, far from her native Loire.
It was during her fabulous trips around the world that her passion for art exalted.
While in north Africa she realizes that she has a strong passion for sculpture, while in Asia she was inspired by photography.
She settled down in Belgium, where she feels at ease and can speak freely in her art.
. The gesture in her art is beautiful, generous, and voluptuous.
Her works are true to her style, as she always creates relief and dépaisseur.
Flat drawing is not her field. She has an artists’ true instinct, as she loves contrasting intensity and delicacy, rigidity and vulnerability.

Alexandra Gestin Resumé

Selected exhibition and art fairs:

2012/2014: Gallery Markowicz Fine Art
2013: Gallery Fardel, Le Touquet
2013: ‘’Les Palmiers’’, Saint Tropez
2012: Beach Club, Monaco
2011: Gallery Alfican
2011: Gallery Bresset
2010: Club David Lloyd Monumental sculptures
2010: CUTLOG Contemporary art fair, Paris
2010: "Galerie Petit-Jean", Aix en Provence
2009 : "Fondation pour la dislexie"
2009: Arty gallery, St Tropez
2009: Mona Lisa gallery, Paris
2008: Carrousel du Louvres, Paris
2008 : Galerie Aflican, place du Grand Sablon, Brussels
2007 : Galerie FAYLA, 43 rue Lebeau 1000 Brussels
2007 : The hyppic center "Marcel Rosier", Bois-le-Roi
2007: Foundation Biermans-Lapôtre, Paris XIVème
2007: The clinic Saint-Jean in Brussels
2007: "Grange aux dîmes", in Samoreau, Price of the Samoi city

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