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Miami Design District
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Arno Elias

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Arno  Elias

Arno Elias is a multi-talented musician, painter and photographer.
‘’The Lost Series’’ is a crystallization of Arno Elias’ mixed media techniques and reflect the powerful images he captured during his solo world photographic tour. The series features exquisite moments from exotic locations, and through this Elias is ‘’lost’’ in the culture and context of five continents. The artist selects and prints on archival pigment paper, and then embellishes each piece using his painting techniques. Every piece of the same series becomes its own special mixed-media photographic painting.

Featured Piece

Arno  Elias Tembo 5

Tembo 5


Arno  Elias Tembo 5
Tembo 5
Arno  Elias Jodhpur Wall
Jodhpur Wall
Arno  Elias Balloon
Arno  Elias Boy and Horses
Boy and Horses
Arno  Elias Follow me
Follow me
Arno  Elias Holy Bath
Holy Bath



Arno  Elias

Arno Elias

Arno Elias Biography

Arno Elias, was born in Paris, France. He is A multi-talented musician, painter and photographer.
Arno Elias is known for his compositions of the globally renowned Buddha Bar music. Through his involvement with UNICEF, Arno composed the music for their worldwide campaign with Latin recording artist, Shakira. In his early music career, as a songwriter and singer in France. Arno is the only Artist in the history of Buddha Bar to have composed, and produced the first original Buddha Bar album titled, “BUDDHA BAR Nature”. Buddha Bar sold millions of his Albums worldwide, From 2001 to 2009 Arno produced and composed some of the most significant Buddha Bar classic hits such as Amor Amor, El Corazon, Guide me...
Arno Elias was chosen by Brigitte Bardot to compose special music for her Animal Rights "Brigitte Bardot Foundation" which was created to help protect animals from abuse.

His creative talents did not stop at his prodigious musical career that began at an early age, but continued to his artistic career, leading him into the world of painting and photography. Studying the European contemporary artists from the 60’s and 70’s and the American pop art movement inspired Arno.

Working alongside Jean Paul Gaultier and Mario Testino in the fashion industry further influenced and informed his creative direction. To date, Arno has exhibited in Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Paris, New York, Las Vegas, Basel, Los Angeles... His work has been reviewed in ‘The New York Times’, pbs Television, U.S.A today, NBC, the Miami Herald, Miami Magazine, Florida International, Haute Living, and the Chicago Tribune.

His Paintings and Photographs have been featured in Art Fairs throughout North America to include Scope Miami, Scope Basel, Art Chicago, and San Francisco Art Mrkt, ART MIAMI, as well as at the prestigious Art Basel Switzerland.
He was recently commissioned by the St. Regis Hotel in NYC to create two unique works of arts for the hotel's permanent collection. One of which, a mixed media photographic painting of the founder John Jacob Astor IV, will be prominently featured in the lobby of the prestigious hotel.

His artistic sophistication, sense of color and dramatic expression can be seen in his diverse spectrum of artistic creations.
In 2007 Arno Elias debuted his contemporary painting collection in the USA in a solo show at Art Futures Gallery in the Wynwood district of Miami, Florida and continued shows there for the next few years. PBS produced a documentary piece about Arno that same year showcasing his paintings, his life and his future plans for solo photographic journeys.

Arno was exhibited from 2008 through 2011 in Miami with several solo shows being mounted for Art Basel Miami. Galerie Protee in Paris on the Rue Seine exhibited his work in 2010 alongside the French Masters Soulage and Mathieu. During the same time Keszler Gallery in NYC showed Arno with Banksy, and Peter Beard. He then was also seen at the Besharat Gallery in Atlanta in 2010 through 2011 and Lichtfeld Gallery exhibited Arno Elias’ art during Art Basel in Switzerland in June 2011. His work is also on exhibit at Markowicz Fine Art in the Design District in Miami.
His most recent solo show was at Mouche Gallery in Beverly Hills and Markowicz fine art in Miami, garnering the interest of several high profile collectors.
Currently, his work is being shown at Pop International Gallery in Soho New York and Modernbook Gallery in San Francisco

Arno Elias Resumé

Selected Group/Single

2003 Solo Exhibition in Paris at the Rothschild Foundation
2006 Art Futures Gallery Wynwood Miami (group show)
2007 Art Expo Las Vegas Art Futures Gallery
2007 Art Futures Gallery Wynwood Miami (Solo show)
2008 "sacred art" Art Futures Gallery Wynwood Miami (group show)
2008 Avant Gallery Miami Beach (Solo show)
2009 Sagamore the Museum hotel Miami (group show)
2009 Solo Show Avant Gallery Miami
2009 Art For Life Russell Simmons Foundation Hotel Fontainebleau Miami
2009 Art Basel Art and Design Avant Gallery Miami (group show)
2010 Galerie Protee Paris (group show)
2010 Avant Gallery Miami (solo show)
2010 Keszler gallery NYC (group show)
2010 Galerie Protee Paris (solo show)
2010 SCOPE Miami 2010 Keszler Gallery NYC 2010 ART BASEL Avant Gallery Miami (group show)
2011 Decorches Fine Art Las Vegas (solo show)
2011 Keszler Gallery NYC (group show)
2011 ART CHICAGO Lichtfeld Gallery Basel
2011 Besharat Gallery Atlanta (solo show)
2011 Art MKRT San Francisco Besharat Gallery
2011 SCOPE Basel Besharat Gallery
2011 Avant Gallery Miami (solo)
2011 Pictures and Furniture Avant Gallery (group show) Art Basel
2012 Markowicz fine art (group show) Miami
2012 Mouche Gallery (Solo Show) Beverly Hills CA
2012 Pop International soho New York
2012 POP international Art Basel Miami (Group show)
2013 Mouche Gallery Beverly Hills (group show)
2013 POP international New York (group show)
2013 Markowicz fine art Miami (Solo Show)
2013 Mouche Gallerry Beverly Hills Terry O'Neil and Arno Elias
2013 ART MIAMI Modern Book Gallery San Francisco
2014 L.A ART SHOW Modern Book Gallery
2014 AAF London Modernbook gallery
2014 AAF New York Modernbook gallery
2014 Pop International NYC
2014 Art Mrkt San Francisco Modernbook gallery
2014 Art Southampton Markowicz Fine Art
2014 Pop austin international art show
2014 Art silicon valley/San Francisco
2014 Art Toronto International Art Fair
2014 Markowicz Fine Art

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