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Miami Design District
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Claude Charlier

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Claude  Charlier

Claude Charlier is a French artist from Nancy, France. His life has been dedicated to art, especially photography and painting, with painting becoming his main passion in the last few years. He has traveled extensively and has maintained bases in both Tokyo and the USA, but inspired by Miami's cultural diversity and art scene , he now resides in Miami

Featured Piece

Claude  Charlier Pepsi Jackson

Pepsi Jackson
Acrylic on canvas


Claude  Charlier Pepsi Jackson
Pepsi Jackson
Acrylic on canvas  
Claude  Charlier Kami Oni Blue
Kami Oni Blue
Acrylic on canvas  
Claude  Charlier Rose
Acrylic on canvas  
Claude  Charlier Honey and Apple
Honey and Apple
Acrylic on canvas  
Claude  Charlier Perrier- Dita Von Tess
Perrier- Dita Von Tesse
Acrylic on canvas  
Claude  Charlier Budweiser
Acrylic on canvas  



Claude  Charlier

Claude Charlier

Claude Charlier Biography

French artist Claude Charlier was born in Nancy, France. From his early childhood, Claude knew that art was his path in life. Initially he fell in love with the magic of photography, although he studied both music and fine art. His first job was working as a photographer for the French government. Soon after starting work, he landed a spread in"Paris Match". In Paris he continued with photography, working between Paris and London, but also collaborated with Shuji Terayama, writer and director of the Tenjo Sajiki and with Suzuki Tadashi director of the Waseda Shogekijo. With them he co-wrote and directed "Laurence de Paris", and fell in love with the Japanese culture. Shortly after he decided to move to Tokyo, Japan. The move was pivotal. While growing his photography career, Claude also worked as an art director for four years in Tokyo, creating international campaigns for major Japanese corporations. Even once his photographic client list grew to include an impressive list of the world's major corporations and publications, and awards began to roll in, he still pursued other artistic interests. He did TV shows for the Japanese networks and helped create and launch magazines such as "Tokyo Journal", "Vu" and "G" magazine, as well as create a weekly comic strip. His work lead him to travel all over the world for many years, and it was on one of these trips that he literally ran across his idea for this series of paintings... a crushed discarded soda can.

Claude Charlier's current series of paintings "Rubbish" grew from this moment. In Miami, Claude is currently showing at the Markowicz Fine Art Gallery in Miami's Design District.

Claude Charlier Statement


    Rockefeller Center, New York

    Pentax Gallery, Tokyo

    Nikon House, New York

    Imperial Hotel, Tokyo

    Damien B. Art Center, Miami

    Festival mondial du theatre, Nancy

    Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

    Art Center, Tokyo

    Gallery EJFA, Miami

    Pentax Salon, Tokyo

    Gallery Yoshi, Vienna

    Kaigado Gallery, Tokyo

    Art Basel Miami

    Gallery Valentine, Hamptons

    Art Miami

    Palm Beach Art Fair

    Gallery Bernard Markowicz, Miami

    Claude Charlier Resumé

    • Awards received:

      He has won back to back awards for best annual reports over a 6 years period.

      He has received the Mercury Award for his work for Ricoh Company, Best advertising campaign for NEC twice, Best Magazine add for Nikon Camera Campaign...

    • Events, Shows, Opening:

    Several of these have been sponsored by Nikon, Pentax, IIford & Kodak.

    An opening of his collection 'Rubbish' at Markowicz Fine Art Gallery in Miami.

    He is also listed in both the 'Dictionnaire des Photographes' and in the 'Encyclopedie de la photographie'. Then, several museums and private collectors have purchased his artworks.

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