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Maurice Renoma

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Maurice  Renoma

Maurice Renoma is a French stylist, photographer and decorator.He is consider as one of the precursor of the “Yé-Yé” mode in France and is always mindful to react against classicism in fashion. Maurice Renoma is also an initiator of the modography concept, that is to say the combination of fashion and instinctive photos. This artist is also known for his photography, for example in this “Mythology” collection which reveals a gallery of surrealist and intriguing portraits of animal heads.

Featured Piece

Maurice  Renoma Mythology collection - Horse

Mythology collection - Horse 593


Maurice  Renoma Mythology collection - Horse
Mythology collection - Horse 593
Maurice  Renoma Academie 003C
Academie 003C
Maurice  Renoma Academie 003D
Academie 003D
Maurice  Renoma Academie 026
Academie 026
Maurice  Renoma Academie 029C
Academie 029C
Maurice  Renoma Dean 04
Dean 04



Maurice  Renoma

Maurice Renoma

Maurice Renoma Biography


Daring to bring into being fashion for men, making men’s wear an instrument of seduction and self-expression. This, in a few words, is the contribution of Maurice Renoma to the history of fashion, the inspiration that propelled him from his father’s humble tailor shop to the legendary Renoma Project Designboutique at rue de la Pompe – now replicated thousands boutiques around the world and still remaining a Mecca for international celebrities and fashion victims. Maurice Renoma began his artistic career by breathing new life into men’s wear at the beginning of the sixties, shattering the prevailing conventions of men’s clothing and freeing men from austere conservatism and its dated codes. Conceiving fashion as an art form, Renoma expressed through clothing an original vision, unfettered by aesthetic prejudice, daring to experiment with new fabrics, bold colors, and sculptural cuts highlighting the contours of the body.


At the beginning of the 1990’s, Maurice Renoma developed a passion for another medium: the photographed image became the focus of his work, and the beginning of another story. The title of his first published collection of photographs “Maurice Renoma: modographe” (“fashionographer”), highlights his debt to fashion for the immediacy of his vision – the same attention to detail and composition for which is clothing creations had become celebrated was now canalized to create another kind of image. The human body was the center of this first period, marked by a focus on characters – often taken out of their context and situated in an almost cinematic setting – and images permeated with sensuality, exploring the details of a garment on the body, capturing the charm of a distracted glance or an ultimate ritual. Ultimately, it is life itself, the uprising normality of experiences that became the main subjects of Maurice Renoma’s photography. His camera became a constant companion in all his travels across the continents. He pursued the life of the streets, recognizing and capturing its energy through people, postures clothing codes. Renoma distilled the poetry of settings ranging from the urban jungle of Tokyo to the rural serenity of Normandy, capturing the beauty of the moment in a veritable declaration of love to the present.

NeoFusion Design

NeoFusion marks a new phase in the creative journey of Maurice Renoma. It underscores the tendancy towards crossbreeding and hybridization that has always been central to the Renoma aesthetics – a will to step off the well-trodden path and explore new perspectives, daring to mix concepts and media to achieve authentic and truly original creations. Just as his photography had arisen naturally from the same creative vision he had already honed in fashion, at the beginning of the new millennium, Renoma’s passion for the image led him to another challenge and milestone: the creation of his first line of furniture. A true celebration of his nomadic spirit, Renoma furniture blends in a single article different aesthetics and epochs, resulting in works of a radical transversality. Traditional Louis XV-style armchairs and canapés became the baroque frameworks for Renoma’s original photography. Subverting their traditional image of a respectable and antiquated bourgeois interior, Renoma turns his hybrid creations into a glamorous example of avant-garde design.

Maurice Renoma Resumé

- 2011: Bloomingdale's San Francisco, USA
- 2011: Bloomingdale's, New York, USA
- 2010: Mythologies, Galerie Sparts, Paris, France
- 2008: Stark Hotel, Beverly Hills, LA, USA
- 2008: Amnesty, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
- 2008: Mythologies, Sbaiz Spazzio Arte
- 2007: Bergdorf Goodman, New York, USA
- 2006: Transgressions,Mercedes Benz Center
- 2005: Mythologies, Renoma Komplex
- 2004: NeoFusion, Galerie FNAC, Paris, France
- 1999: Centre Culturel de Boulogne, France
- 1999: Flak Gallery, Paris, France
- 1997: French Week, Hawaï, USA
- 1997: Spiral Hall, Tokyo, Japan
- 1996: Festival du film, Paris
- 1996: Galeria Loggia Rucellai, Firenze, Italy
- 1996: Pallazzo Tiennale, Milano, Italy

1997: Chevalier des Arts et Lettres

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