March 5, 2013
If you plan on visiting Aventura Mall soon, don’t be surprised when you run into an indoor park complete with life-size dog and cat sculptures.

From a Labrador painted with the smiling faces of Haitian children and a white Shih Tzu with angel wings to a Chihuahua covered in $100 bills and a cigar stuck in its mouth, there is no lack of creativity at the “Paws for Art” exhibit. After two years in the making, the display opened at Aventura Mall last Thursday and will continue for one week with the goal of making art accessible to the community, as well as to provide financial support to the Founding Fosters Care Fund, a program that supports foster-care of dogs and cats at the Humane Society of Greater Miami. The proceeds from the purchased sculptures will help pet fosterers — people who take care of dogs and cats from the Soffer and Fine Adoption Center in North Miami Beach until the pets are permanently adopted — to cover the medical and food costs for the pets. Read more here: Miami Heralds

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